Jasmine waltzes out of Celebrity Big Brother

American actress Jasmine Waltz has become the second person to be voted out of Celebrity Big Brother.

The 31-year-old’s relationship with pop star Lee Ryan had been heating up inside the house, but she failed to win over the hearts of viewers and received the fewest number of votes.

She looked relaxed as it was announced she would be the next celebrity to leave, but her new beau Lee looked sad and dejected.

The couple were earlier shown enjoying a passionate kiss in the bath tub, and later Jasmine opened up about her feelings for the singer to Dappy. She told the N Dubz star that she thinks Lee is ‘a beautiful person’ because he himself is not afraid to be emotional or vulnerable.

“To me, I look at him and see a perfect man. I think he’s great. I love being around him, he makes me feel good and happy.”

Speaking about his relationship with Jasmine, Lee told Dappy: “I’m telling you, right now, we have got something.”

Jasmine stepped out to the song Maneater playing and a mixture of loud boos and some cheers as she left the Big Brother House. But she remained coy about her relationship with Lee when she was quizzed by presenter Emma Willis.

Asked if she would see the Blue singer again, she said: “I’m sure we’ll see each other when we get out, I just really can’t predict the future.”

And Jasmine revealed she would not be surprised if the pop star tried to rekindle his romance with fellow contestant Casey Batchelor now she has gone. She said: “I wouldn’t really put it past him at this point. I don’t know. You never know.”

In a twist, all the housemates were put up for eviction on Friday – but Jasmine was given the power to save two of the celebrities. She chose to save Linda Nolan and her former love rival Casey.

Explaining her decision she said: “I think they would have fun together in there and everybody else I want out with me.”