Jedward cause havoc in Celebrity Big Bother

Housemates turned on Jedward after the barmy twins ran amok through the Celebrity Big Brother house as ‘punks’.

The terrible twosome threw chairs into the pool, flipped mattresses in the bedroom, and tossed soup over the kitchen during their bizarre rampage.

The grimey Grimes twins’ three-hour rampage was blasted by housemates, with Paddy Doherty ranting in the diary room and Kerry Katona calling them a ‘pair of numpties’.

Jedward – dressed in black – hatched their plan for mayhem at lunchtime, telling Big Brother they were going to be ‘rebellious’ punks and were ‘not going to take any rubbish from anyone’.

After a pillow fight, they dumped items in the pool and then headed into the bedroom where Amy Childs and Darryn Lyons were asleep. John and Edward woke them as they flipped mattresses in the air.

Amy grumbled: “They don’t have any respect for anything.”

They the out-of-control partners in Grimes moved on to the kitchen, fighting with washing-up liquid and soup.

Kerry demanded the ‘pair of Jackasses’ tidy up their trail of destruction. And Paddy had to go to the diary room to calm down, where he exploded, branding the pair ‘sausages’.

Later in the afternoon the twins sheepishly began to clear up the mess as they got back to normal. Well, as normal as they ever are…

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