Jedward win a supermarket sweep in Big Brother!

Jedward entered the real world on Thursday (well, as much as they ever do!) when Big Brother asked them to leave the house on a special shopping mission…

The twins were escorted to a supermarket, shut to the public, as their prize for winning the shopping task. The challenge this week saw the celebrity housemates holding up carrier bags for as long as possible and being pushed in trolleys to knock down fake food items.

The Irish duo had less than five minutes to pick up all the items their fellow housemates had requested, including Paddy’s shoe polish, Amy’s biscuits and Kerry’s menthol cigarettes. But the boys managed to forget one (very) essential – loo roll!

The 19-year-olds were given two runs in the supermarket to gather all they could. John went first and picked up £303.46 of items, including 41 lb of bananas, 11 large jars of coffee, two legs of frozen lamb and a lot of sweets.

Edward grabbed 16 boxes of organic eggs, 17 boxes of blueberries and 10 punnets of red grapes, contributing to his £200.48 bill. The singers then stormed back into the house at 3am and paraded the two trollies filled with £503.94 of goods.

Celeb-snapper Darryn Lyons wasn’t thrilled with the results of their midnight spree, moaning about how much ham they had collected. He eventually conceded: “You’ve done a great job, you’ve done well,” before heading back to bed.

Earlier this week, Kerry Katona was brought to tears during a phone call to her daughter on her 10th birthday. She was awarded eight minutes of talking time after blowing out eight candles in one breath.

Darryn, Tara Reid, Lucien Laviscount and Bobby Sabel all face eviction from the house on Friday night…

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