Joey Essex: Kirk needed to romance Georgia

TOWIE’s Joey Essex thinks Kirk Norcross should have been more of a gentleman to model Georgia Salpa.

Kirk kissed the Irish model while they were handcuffed together in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and Joey has said Georgia needed to be romanced if he had wanted to stand a chance with her.

Joey said: “I know Georgia. I think she’s a really nice girl.

“I think she would rather take it slowly than someone just jump on her inside the Big Brother house and go ‘Yeah let’s get together’. I just think she’s more of a girl who would want to get to know you, go out for meals and all that sort.”

The 21-year-old club promoter wants to be the alpha male in TOWIE now Mark Wright has left.

He said: “Arg and Mario have both got girlfriends so I think the scenes they’re going to be doing are going to the same as last time. Unless it’s break-up, make-up. But I’m single and ready to mingle.”

Joey insists he was never serious about former flings Jessica Wright and Sam Faiers, and revealed he likes girls who play hard to get.

He said: “I like a girl who holds back a lot. Not one who says yes to everything.

“And because we’re in the limelight we’ve got a lot of girls who want to jump on you, and they don’t know who you are. I want to ask them questions and find out who they are, but they just assume they know me.”