Commons Speaker John Bercow has said he is “humiliated” about being linked to Celebrity Big Brother – and reportedly begged wife Sally not to appear.

According to the Mirror, the MP is on a tour of India to “get as far away as possible” from any backlash that might occur as a result of her being on the show.

The 41-year-old former PR adviser has already been involved in some risque conversations with her fellow housemates who include Kerry Katona, Jedward and Amy Childs.

“Sally likes being on TV and knows it will upset the establishment, which is a big plus,” her agent Max Clifford told the paper.

“John didn’t want her to do it. He hates the show. He thinks it’s dreadful. But she didn’t want him to be a Tory MP.”

Sally has already embarrassed John once this year by posing naked for a newspaper, wearing only a bedsheet.

And the Mirror reports that her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother has already ruffled feathers among other MPs.

Rob Wilson, Tory MP for Reading East, remarked: “John Bercow said he wanted to restore respect and dignity to Parliament in his manifesto for Speaker.

“I am not sure how Sally Bercow going on one of the country’s tackiest shows helps.”

There are also concerns that his position as Commons Speaker could become untenable if Sally makes embarrassing revelations about him on the show.

“It’s no secret many senior Conservatives are desperate to see him fall, and a shambles such as this one could easily signal the end of his term in office,” said a Commons source.

“They will be quietly following Mrs Bercow’s remarks in the Big Brother house with keen interest, and it will only take one slip-up for their campaign against him to gain momentum.”