Jordan: ‘Lucy Pinder is a man in a skirt!’

Katie Price and Peter Andre have slammed Celebrity Big Brother contestant Lucy Pinder for having plastic surgery and branded her ‘a real b****’.

Katie, also known as Jordan, retaliated against comments made by glamour model Lucy on the Channel 4 reality TV show.

Writing as a guest editor for the Daily Mirror’s gossip pages, Katie said: “When I heard Lucy had been slagging me off, I couldn’t believe it. I tell you – she’s a man with balls, that one.”

“Beneath that skirt is a bloke with b******s. She’s tough. A real b****,” she added.

Lucy faces the public vote on Friday against TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson.

Peter Andre also lashed out at Lucy: “That so-called model slated my Katie so I’ve not got a lot of good to say about her.”

Katie, who appeared on the reality show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2004, revealed she had met Lucy 10 years ago and had offered her advice on her modelling career.

Katie said: “I told her to get ownership of all the photos she did so that she wouldn’t get ripped off. I also recall her saying she’d never do glamour modelling – and now look at her. Getting them out all over the place!”

And Katie also rubbished claims that Lucy had never had cosmetic surgery. “It’s b******s she’s all natural. She used to have a right beak on her, I reckon she’s had her nose done. And I’d say her lips and teeth are fake too,” she said.

The couple are planning to move to Los Angeles and Katie revealed she would be meeting up with Paris Hilton and Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Spice Girl Mel B.

Katie said: “We’ve been texting each other about getting together and considering Pete used to be obsessed with her that’s quite a big step forward for me.”

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