Katie Hopkins plays panto villain on Celebrity Big Brother

Controversial TV star Katie Hopkins became a pantomime villain when she was forced to choose the first two housemates to face eviction on the very first night of Celebrity Big Brother.

Katie, who shot to fame as a losing candidate in The Apprentice and has become known for her blunt opinions, was the first celebrity to enter the house and revelled in the chorus of boos and jeers hurled her way by the public.

Once inside she was immediately hidden away, and the voice of the diary room’s “enchanted mirror” gave her power to pass immediate judgment on the other contestants as they arrived.

Katie quickly turned her acerbic tongue on each one as they entered the house, secretly saying she would not want to be stuck on a plane or in a small house with US blogger Perez Hilton “for more than 10 minutes”.

Former Coronation Street actor Ken Morley had the “look of someone who didn’t realise what his agent has stitched him up to do” and that he looked as if he had been “let out of the care home”, while she said model Chloe Goodman, who wore a revealing red dress, “has got two assets and they are both on show”.

The other celebrities sharing the house with her are former Holby City actress Patsy Kensit, Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson, singer Kavana, American TV star Michelle Visage and Loose Women host Nadia Sawalha.

Also entering the house on Wednesday night were 80s soul singer Alexander O’Neal, George Best’s son Calum and model Cami Li.

One housemate likely to clash with Katie is model Alicia Douvall, who said she would hate to share the house with her.

She said: “There are rumours about Katie Hopkins. I definitely do not want to be in a house with her.”

But veteran TV presenter Keith Chegwin seemed to be safe from her talons, with Katie saying he was “probably a gentleman. I think he is probably lovely and probably the best of British out of this bunch.”

After seeing each housemate arrive, Katie said: “I would rather stay here in my cave than go out with that bunch of…”

And once the final celebrity, Cheggers, had arrived Katie was told she would have to choose the first two housemates to go up for public eviction.

But she faced one curse – she was ordered to console those she chose, and from then on be nice to everyone in the house, only revealing her true opinions in the diary room.

The enchanted mirror told her: “From now until further notice you will be utterly charming to everyone, warm generous and full of kindness…

“You will be sweetness and light until further notice. but can be self in diary room.”

Katie appeared to choke on the order, saying “I will do what I like”, but eventually put forward two names – Goodman and O’Neal – living up to her proclamation before entering the house that she would “swat” any housemates who annoy her.

Cheggers, already a firm favourite with the bookmakers to win the show, said he was hoping for a bit of conflict in the house and would not act as a peacemaker if arguments broke out.

He said: “Mediation is fantastic but it’s not my job to do it. I’ll probably end up watching it like a viewer, thinking ‘Go for it'”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues weeknights on Channel 5.

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