The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have picked Carole to face the public vote on Friday night.

The journalist and Cleo were told they both faced the boot after flouting the rules by talking about the nominations process on Tuesday. In an added twist, their housemates were told to choose which one would be put up while Carole and Cleo sat in the Diary Room.

After a tense few minutes discussing it in the lounge, Big Brother asked if they had come to a decision and former Steps singer H revealed they’d picked Carole.

As he said her name, Jade and beauty queen Danielle both burst into tears and clutched each other’s hands. Dirk and Leo sat slumped on the sofa staring into space.

“I want to go. I really want to go,” said an obviously furious Carole as she stalked out of the Diary Room.

She told the girls: “They want to keep certain people. Shilpa, you are one of them. It’s very divisive.”

A few minutes later the gang gathered on the sofa and the journalist told them: “I think I am going to go. I’m not worried about it. I’m worried about the game they are playing.”

Leo and Dirk will also face the vote and the Seventies singer is hot favourite with bookies to exit.