Lionel Blair evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Lionel Blair has become the third housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother, after losing out in an eviction vote which saw all but two of the contestants nominated.

The veteran entertainer – who at 82 is one of the oldest people ever to have taken part in the show – had not been the favourite to leave, but nonetheless polled less votes than everybody else – including Lee Ryan, who had been heavily tipped to get the boot.

His eviction follows that of boxer Evander Holyfield, who became the first celebrity to leave last Friday, followed by Jasmine Waltz’s departure on Wednesday night.

All the housemates found themselves up for eviction following a twist on Wednesday night’s show – although Linda and Casey won immunity from the chop after being saved by Jasmine.

Despite losing out Lionel still appeared popular with the crowd, leaving the house to an overwhelmingly positive response which saw crowd members chanting his name.

Afterwards he told Emma Willis his time on the show had been ‘exactly as I expected’.

“I loved it so much, but what I found most difficult was going into the Diary Room and talking about my friends and who to evict. That was terrible.”

He added that he had had no problem taking part in some of the racier antics in the house, revealing: “I said to the producers ‘please don’t treat me as an old man’. I wanted to be one of them.”

Meanwhile Lionel sung the praises of Luisa Zissman, in spite of their clashes in the house, saying he ‘adored’ her – but he wasn’t quite so kind about Casey Batchelor.

“I think Casey is playing a game,” he said. “I had a long talk with Lee and he said ‘I didn’t say this and I didn’t say that’.

“He said that she’d said to him: ‘Keep it going because well get lots of press’ and when I asked if it was true, he said ‘I swear on my life’.”

The next Celebrity Big Brother eviction will take place on Wednesday night.