The final Celebrity Big Brother house has been revealed – and early photos suggest that this year’s occupants will be living in luxury.

Producers on the Channel 4 show have scrapped the back to basics theme popular in recent years and instead furnished the main living area with red velvet sofas, boudoir lighting, a 12-seater dining table, fake fur pelts and antique animal skulls.

And in keeping with the ‘hell lies in others’ theme of the new series inspired by Dante’s Inferno, the walls of the sitting room are decorated with flame frescoes and padded walls. Other furnishings include velvet cushions featuring diamante skull motifs.

Housemates will enter the house via a black-carpeted staircase, with more flaming images on the walls.

The kitchen, meanwhile, is painted green and is designed to look like a hospital “autopsy room” with clinical stainless steel fittings.

And the bathroom features an old-fashioned looking free-standing tub and a chaise lounge – part of the producers’ plan to give the house the “faded opulence of a country pile”.

There is no house ‘prison’ this year, nor are celebrities restricted to one suitcase or required to grow their own vegetables – but executive producer Shirley Jones warned that this did not mean they were in for an easy ride.

“Who wants to go digging up vegetables in the middle of January?” she said. “They won’t do it. They’re celebrities and they like to be warm and cosy. They might like that but whether it will happen all the time – who knows?”

The bedrooms have yet to be unveiled, and Jones also revealed that a structure is currently being built for the garden – but kept details under wraps.

“There’s something missing at the moment that’s going to play quite a big part,” she said. “I can’t say what it is yet but it’s something new and it’s going to be interesting to see how it works out. It’s just something a bit different.”

The show begins on Channel 4 on Sunday January 3.