Former football manager Ron Atkinson has become the first Celebrity Big Brother housemate to be nominated for eviction, just 24 hours after the series kicked off.

The 74-year-old was chosen after housemates Louie Spence, Lauren Harries and Sophie Anderton – who had been staying in the secret ‘temple of celebrity’ in the house – each chose a housemate to potentially face the first public vote.

The trio then eventually decided to choose Ron as their actual nominee – with Louie nominating him on the basis that they wouldn’t ‘have a huge amount in common’ due to his lack of football knowledge.

Lauren put Carol McGiffin forward as a potential eviction candidate, while Sophie selected US teen bride Courtney Stodden.

Ron’s fate was sealed on Friday evening’s show after the three entered the main house for the first time each bearing a gift.

Louie, who was the last to arrive, secretly revealed that Ron had been chosen by handing him a bottle of champagne which he had brought in for the housemates.

However Big Brother did not reveal that the trio had been hiding in a secret part of the house – and told Ron and the others that he had been voted for by the public.

Louie, Lauren and Sophie will choose another housemate to be nominated on Saturday – with the contestants once again being told that the unlucky one has been chosen by the viewers.