Rylan: ‘I was annoyed’ by Katie Price marriage

Rylan Clark has admitted he was shocked and ‘annoyed’ by Katie Price’s whirlwind marriage to builder Kieran Hayler.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner and X Factor contestant has been a close friend of the former glamour model since he took part in her modelling talent show Signed by Katie Price and told Now magazine he warned her about rushing into getting married for the third time.

Rylan said: “It was too late because I was in the Celebrity Big Brother house at the time. I rung her the night I got out and said: ‘What are you f***ing up to? Why are you doing this to yourself again?’ I was annoyed.”

But the reality star said he has now got to know former stripper Kieran and believes he is with Katie for the right reasons.

Rylan said: “He is totally different to anyone else she’d been with. He’s just a really nice and ordinary bloke.

“He goes to work and he does his own thing. He’s the first one to put his hand in his pocket, whether he’s got money or not.

“That’s why me and Kate have always got on well. I’ve never been like the rest of her hanger-on friends who I can’t stand because they’ll go out with her for all the free drinks.

“I’ve never come from money. But when I go out with her I always offer to pay.”

Rylan said of Katie’s pregnancy: “She’s wanted a baby for such a long time. It’s really, really soon. I hope it works out for her.”


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