Sam Faiers reveals ‘relief’ at Crohn’s diagnosis

Reality TV star Sam Faiers has spoken about her Crohns disease diagnosis for the first time, saying she feels ‘much better’ now she knows the nature of her illness.

The TOWIE regular – who will be seen discussing the condition in the new series of the ITV2 show on Sunday night – fell ill after entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, having to leave on a number of occasions for treatment.

And in emotional scenes featuring her sister Billie and her mum she admitted: “I just feel so much better now that after the last five, six weeks not knowing what was wrong with me.

“The weight loss, not being able to hold food down, that thing that come out of my face – at least now the doctor’s diagnosed me, and it’s a shame that it’s Crohn’s Disease.”

The 23-year-old added: Obviously I’ve got to live with it forever, but it’s treatable.”

Sam, who finished fifth in Celebrity Big Brother 2014, is reported to have lost a stone and a half since January on account of the illness, which causes bowel inflammation and ulcers.

She is reportedly on a six-week liquid diet to bring the condition back under control.

Crohn’s disease is a lifelong condition which can be controlled by diet and medication, although surgery is sometimes required to alleviate the symptoms.

The Only Way Is Essex returns to ITV2 at 10pm on Sunday night.

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