Shilpa Shetty has urged people to pray for terminally ill Jade Goody as she prepared for her wedding.

In an interview broadcast on Thursday, the Bollywood actress told ITV News: “I buried the hatchet a very long time ago, not because I’d heard about her being diagnosed with cancer.

“I’d repeatedly told people my feelings and I really didn’t want to have any ill feelings against her.”

She continued: “It’s really sad to know that her health is deteriorating and I really want people to forget the past and I really want them to pray and send her good wishes because that’s something that will give her energy.

“I really want all the positive things to be affecting her at this point.”

Shilpa and Jade were at the centre of the Celebrity Big Brother race row two years ago, which sparked thousands of complaints.

Viewers were outraged about the treatment of Shilpa by Jade and other housemates on the Channel 4 reality TV show.

But Shilpa, 33, spoke of her wish for everyone to forget the past and support Jade, who has been battling cancer and found out she was terminally ill last week.

Shilpa said she had been invited to Jade’s wedding but was filming in Bombay – “but if I was in London I would definitely have been there to show her my solidarity”.

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