Sisqo was crowned the Hunk of 2010 as the men in the Celebrity Big Brother house took part in a beauty contest with a difference.

All but one of the male contestants in the Channel 4 reality show took part despite housemate Stephen Baldwin earlier saying he would not do it out of respect for his wife.

But he changed his mind and began doing his hair in preparation for the Hunk Off which saw the men parade around the house in mankinis and take part in an eveningwear round, a talent show and a strength test.

Former football hardman Vinnie Jones was excused from the parade as he played the host for the event and found it difficult to hide his amusement as the other men put their costumes on.

There was more flirting between Ronnie Wood’s ex-girlfriend Katia Ivanova and Swedish DJ Jonas Altberg – aka Basshunter – after the competition was over.

The Russian, who earlier had claimed Jonas was not her type, gave him a shoulder massage as the contestants relaxed with a few drinks after the Hunk Off and later sat in his lap drinking wine.

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