Lady Sovereign entered the Celebrity Big Brother house to make her mother proud, her sister has revealed.

Chloe said the British rapper – whose real name is Louise Harman – wants to get closer to her bedridden mum, who has a terminal brain tumour and has less than a year to live.

She told The Sun: “Louise has gone into Big Brother to make Mum proud of her because she only has months to live – Mum has the telly on every night to watch Louise, her face lights up when she sees her and you know she’s thinking, ‘That’s my girl’.

“It’s a great comfort to her. It sounds silly but it really helps her to get to know Louise better, because there she’s just being herself and not having to react to Mum’s illness. Mum looks forward to it – it’s the one thing that brightens up her day.”

Chloe reckons that when Sov gets moody on the show, it’s because she’s thinking of her mum.

She added: “Sometimes on the live streaming, she’s just sitting there on her own and staring into space. I know she’s thinking of Mum – and Mum knows it too when she sees her.”