Billionaire businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on Saturday – to set a task which was won by Tara Reid.

Despite speculation that he would use his appearance in the house to confront Darryn Lyons over the behaviour of the paparazzi, the former Harrods owner simply presided over a task given to the housemates.

The Egyptian-themed challenge saw Al-Fayed, as the ‘un-Pharaoh’, set the group two challenges, with the winner being named the ‘heir’ to his throne.

The first saw the housemates having to stand up while dressed as mummies, with the first six to get to their feet going on to play a game of Musical Sandstone.

Tara eventually triumphed, and won the chance to take on the role of ‘un-Pharaoh’ and control the behaviour of the housemates.

Although the task was intended to be light-hearted, it caused some conflict between the housemates, with Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff accusing Jedward of pushing her over, and Darryn suggesting that Bobby Sabel had allowed Tara to win the second game.