Tensions have been rising in the Big Brother house after Vinnie Jones told Alex Reid he has no future in Hollywood – and Lady Sov took a tin of corned beef!

In a heated discussion in the living room, Vinnie, star of Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, said the cage fighter, who is dating glamour model Katie Price, had no future in Hollywood because of his reputation.

Vinnie told the former Hollyoaks actor: “No-one’s going to want to work with you right now – if you offered me five million dollars to be in a movie with you, I wouldn’t take it.”

Dane Bowers advised: “Big Brother is a wicked opportunity for you because at the moment you’re only known for being a cross-dresser and dating someone famous. This will give you the chance to show the real you.”

Heidi Fleiss said: “I’m sure this is an opportunity for you to be more than someone’s boyfriend. I think you’ve a little bit of homosexuality in you, but that’s OK.”

Things also got heated in the house after Lady Sovereign took a tin of corned beef from the contestants’ meagre food rations.

Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones lashed out at Dane Bowers and Nicola Tappenden, insisting that because they had gone against his wishes and allowed the rapper to help herself to the food supplies they would be in charge of meals until Sunday.

In a heated discussion in the living room, he told them: “You two and Sov do the dinners, that’s fair – you think there’s enough so you do it.”