Ulrika: ‘I’m better than the others’

Ulrika Jonsson declared herself to be better than all the other Celebrity Big Brother housemates while arguing with fellow presenter Terry Christian.

Relations have been frosty between the pair since Terry nominated the Swede as the housemate with the biggest ego.

He told Ulrika: “I do think you’re a bit high-handed at times. I just get the vibe that you think you’re a bit better than the rest.”

She retorted: “Oh next thing you’ll be saying because you were poorer than me, that I had a charmed childhood. Well, the fact is I am better than the rest.”

Meanwhile, Shameless star Tina Malone admitted that she tried to create a divide in the house and criticised rapper Coolio, saying that his career is over.

She said: “Everything he says is a lie. Have you ever seen Ice T or Snoop Dogg interviewed? They are highly intelligent people. Coolio is not. If you’re a gangster and a rapper what are you doing in the Big Brother house? Grow up. It’s over. It’s like me saying I’m going to be a popstar.”

Coolio was quizzed about British culture along with fellow Americans Verne Troyer and La Toya Jackson, in a bid to win three tokens.

They were given two hours to learn about British heroes, Cockney rhyming slang, British place names and the Queen’s English from the other housemates.

Tina taught La Toya about Shakespeare, Terry told Coolio about Lord Nelson and Tommy Sheridan explained to Verne that sweaty sock is rhyming slang for jock.

A confused La Toya asked: “Do you guys have a hunchback of Notre Dame here?” while Verne wondered if pizza was Italian or British.

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