Ulrika: ‘I’m proud to be last woman in CBB’

Ulrika Jonsson declared she is “doin’ it for the sisters” after becoming the last female celebrity left in the Celebrity Big Brother house ahead of Friday night’s final.

The public are currently voting for who should win the show out of Ulrika, rapper Coolio, singer Ben Adams, TV presenter Terry Christian and Austin Powers star Verne Troyer.

Big Brother asked Ulrika how it felt to be the last woman standing. She replied: “I am proud and delighted that there is a woman left in the house, and I’m doin’ it for the sisters.”

Meanwhile, housemates have been getting crafty, making each other farewell gifts for their latest task.

Ben Adams made a model of a rocket-powered scooter for Verne while Coolio made a “poster” for Ulrika.

“I think Ulrika can sometimes be a bit stiff and it seems to me she needs to get out and party a bit more and needs to take advantage of her celebrityness, to go out and have a few drinks and get ‘bucky’,” laughed Coolio, as he held up his gift and demonstrated getting “bucky” by jiggling his backside.

“Cool your jets daddio,” said Terry Christian, before getting up to present his gift to Coolio – a hat.

Ulrika made an amulet with her face on for Terry. “I liked you from the get-go and I thought you were funny,” explained Jonsson, as Terry could be clearly seen mouthing the word “liar”.

Verne made an “anatomically correct” model of Ben and said: “I’m giving this to Ben so he can stop looking in the mirror.” Verne is favourite to win this year’s show.

The final of Celebrity Big Brother 2009 screens on Channel 4 on at 8.30pm and 10pm.

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