Vinnie Jones has revealed that he once got into a fight with fellow Brit hardman Tamer Hassan.

Ex-footballer Vinnie and Tamer – best known for his role in The Business – apparently fought outside a swanky Los Angeles hotel as a row turned violent.

The pair are due in Louisiana next week to start filming new movie Blood Out.

Vinnie, who came third in the final Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, told The Sun: “Me and Tamer had words and a bit of a scuffle like a lot of blokes do on a weekend after a drink and a curry.

“We’re making a movie together next week. It’ll all be forgotten about by then.”

A source told the paper: “They fell out over Christmas, but started chatting in an attempt to bury the hatchet.

“Sadly things quickly turned ugly and they took it outside instead. They ended up in a brawl. It’s going to be rather awkward on set.”

Vinnie, whose film credits include Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, lives in LA with wife Tanya.

Tamer moved to LA earlier this year in a bid to launch his career in the US.