Celebrity Big Brother finalist Vinnie Jones has launched a scathing attack on show bosses, claiming he was “tricked” into going into the house.

The footballer turned Hollywood actor, who finished third in the final on Friday night, told the News Of The World that he only signed up for the show after being told his fellow housemates would be A-listers.

“They led me to believe there would be a higher calibre of celebrities,” Jones said. “I felt very down for the first few days and I wondered what I’d done.

“I thought the level of celebrity was going to be much higher to be honest.

Jones went on to admit that he found the early part of the series difficult as a result.

“I could have mingled a bit easier,” he said. I went in as the most recognisable person really. I really struggled.”

Meanwhile show runner-up Dane Bowers has admitted he signed up to the show to boost his profile.

“I really wanted this show to get me back into working, to be honest,” the former Another Level member said. “I’ve stopped working. I’ve wanted to get back into presenting.

“Singing I really love but I just don’t know if I’ve got it in me again.”