There were some happy reunions – and a lot of confusion in the Celebrity Big Brother house on Wednesday night.

As the 11 housemates entered, some discovered they already had a friend inside… while quite a few were left completely in the dark. After Donny Tourette flicked V signs to the crowd – who chanted “who are ya?” to him – he must have been relieved to spot friendly face Leo Sayer, who recognised him straight away.

“He used to come around my house,” Leo said.

The 70s singer had already spotted Jermaine Jackson, greeting him: “Jermaine, how are you?” – and he also announced that he had met Cleo Rocos – aka Miss Whiplash on The Kenny Everett Show before.

There was also a squealed reunion between Jo O’Meara and Ian Watkins – aka H from Steps (whose ambition on the show is to change “people’s perception of me… that I’m that blonde knob from Steps”.)

So pity poor Danielle Lloyd, who no one seemed to know… and whose baffled face revealed that she didn’t seem to have worked out who her new friends were.

As she met Jermaine Jackson, Davina said: “I don’t think she knows who he is.”