Alan Carr: ‘We cried filming The Apprentice’

Alan Carr has said that he, Gok Wan and Jonathan Ross reached for the hankies while filming Comic Relief Does The Apprentice.

The Sunday Night Project host joined fellow TV stars Gok, Jonathan and Jack Dee and businessman Gerald Ratner in the boys’ team for the charity TV event.

Alan revealed it was an emotional time. “You’re up at 7am then you’ve got to go to bed at 11pm and there’s no outside contact,” he said.

“So you know when you see them crying on the show and you go ‘you wuss’… but my god there were bits, I don’t know if they kept it in but I was choked, Gok was upset, Jonathan Ross was a bit.”

But he added that his team came up with a product that they really believed in.

“I sound really sad because I never thought I would be like that but you’re with it 24 hours a day and I love that product, that product is me, it’s my blood and tears and then when you get some criticism you end up welling up.

“They just stuck the gays together so me and Gok spent a lot of the time together – him mincing around with a handbag and then me behind him with a bin liner.”

Patsy Palmer, part of the rival team along with Ruby Wax, Carol Vorderman, Fiona Phillips and Michelle Mone, said she would have liked to have been one of the boys.

“I’d have preferred to be on the boy’s team any day, they had a fantastic time,” she said.

Comic Relief Does The Apprentice is on BBC1 at 9pm on Thursday, March 12.

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