VIDEO: Tony Blair is ‘one of the finest comic actors of his generation’, comedienne Catherine Tate said on Thursday.

The Prime Minister made a surprise appearance alongside Catherine’s teenage chav character Lauren for a Comic Relief special on March 16.

Mr Blair left Lauren speechless when he stole her catchprase: “Am I bovvered?”

The comic told BBC Breakfast how she was impressed with Mr Blair’s acting skills.

“He is one of the finest comic actors of his generation,” she joked.

Describing her visit to Number 10 to record the sketch as “surreal”, Catherine said: “It is a bit like a Tardis… it goes back and back.”

She added: “I wasn’t nervous because I don’t particularly get nervous – I’m too busy thinking about what I’ve got to say – but there was a sense of occasion about it. We were all thinking: ‘This is history’.”

Mr Blair’s appearance was a hit, helping Catherine’s Comic Relief DVD to become the fastest-selling pre-order DVD of all time on the Amazon website.

Catherine said doing the Comic Relief DVD was “quite a privilege, I was honoured”.

Mr Blair’s comedy turn has even led to questions in the House.

On Wednesday, Hornchurch Conservative MP asked Mr Blair, in a reference to recent criticism of Chancellor Gordon Brown: “Isn’t the Prime Minister bothered?”

Mr Blair replied – with Lauren-like confidence: “Fortunately, one of the things I haven’t had to be bothered about in the last 10 years is the running of the economy.”

Watch Tony Blair with Lauren, below.