Gogglebox duo Steph and Dom reveal their nerves as they gear up to sing and dance for Comic Relief

Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom are dancing and duetting for Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief this Saturday. They told us why they’re pulling out all the stops as Meatloaf and Cher…

Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom Parker definitely can’t be accused of being couch potatoes this week! The well-known telly duo are gamely performing Meatloaf and Cher’s 1981 duet, Dead Ringer For Love for Comic Relief.

Yet, even with expert training, they’re worried they may not be ready for the live show yet…

Steph and Dom Parker

Dom, we’re on the telly – dancing!

How are rehearsals going?
Steph: Imagine Bambi on roller-skates, that’s roughly where we are. I haven’t been this nervous since my wedding day!
Dom: I’m very nervous. We’re more pear and meatball than Cher and Meatloaf…

Which of you is performing as Cher, and who’s Meatloaf?
Steph: I think Dom’s definitely going to be Meatloaf. Although we did try it the other way round!

Meatloaf and Cher

We can’t imagine Steph as Meatloaf, or Dom as Cher!

Do you think you’ll need a drink to steady your nerves before the live show?
Dom: No – but maybe a celebratory drink afterwards!
Steph: We won’t have a drink beforehand. But I think there may be a big fat gin afterwards!

What are the biggest challenges in performing the Dead Ringer duet?
Steph: There are a lot of words and they come very quickly.
Dom: I reached the fear stage during rehearsals when I realised I had to sing, dance and remember all these words while holding a microphone. It doesn’t come very naturally to us!

Steph and Dom Parker

If Steph pulls this face, Dom knows he must adopt the beetle position

Have you a backup plan if anything goes wrong?
Steph: If we mess it up hopefully people will think its part of the act! Dom can lie on his back and do the beetle to get a laugh…
Dom: If ten years ago someone told me I’d be singing and dancing live in front of ten million people I’d have bet the house they were off their nut! But it’s great fun and for a great cause.
Steph: Please make sure you pick up the phone and vote!

Let’s Sing and Dance is a great cause, but have you been made any other celebrity TV offers?
Dom: We’re regularly asked if we’d do Big Brother or I’m a Celebrity in the jungle, and our immediate answer is – not a chance! I couldn’t even chat to a cockroach let alone eat one!
Steph: We’re a certain age and we like our creature comforts. As Meatloaf might have put it – I’d do anything… but I won’t do that!

Let’s Sing & Dance for Comic Relief airs this Saturday at 6.45pm on BBC1

Also competing for public votes this week are The One Show reporters, who’ve formed a super group, presenter Alison Hammond, Mount Pleasant’s Sally Lindsay and comedians Ellie Taylor and Peter Firman.

To donate go to ComicRelief.com

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