Kate Moss stars in Comic Relief sketch (VIDEO)

Kate Moss and Sadie Frost have teamed up with comic Katy Brand for a special sketch for Comic Relief.

Katy said it was ‘amazing and a bit weird’ that supermodel Kate and her actress pal Sadie agreed to appear in the skit, in which she impersonates them as schoolgirls.

Katy said: “I’ve done this character [Kate] for four or five years, I just never thought it would come to this point where I’m doing it with the lady herself.”

In the sketch, to be shown on Comic Relief night on Friday March 13, Kate plays a school headmistress while Sadie plays a teacher.

Sadie said: “Both of us are big fans of the sketch, Katy sent me and Kate the script and we loved it.”

Kate added: “I love it. I’m a huge fan. It’s amazing how spot-on she’s got it.”

CLICK below to watch Kate and Sadie filming Katy Brand’s Comic Relief sketch

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