Penny Smith: ‘I’m in it to win it!’

TV Times talks to versatile presenter Penny Smith about hitting the dance floor for Comic Relief

How will you approach your performance in this Saturday’s Let’s Dance for Comic Relief?

“I’m going to take this deadly seriously. I’m in it to win it!”

Are you being serious, Penny?

“No! I just like saying that as I think it shows dedication. I mean, I’ve never won anything apart from a bottle of ginger wine at a tombola, so I’m hoping to change that with this exceedingly serious contest!”

Are you nervous?

“This is the first interview I’ve done about the show. So it’s the first time I’ve suddenly had one of those horrible knee-melting moments where I’ve thought: ‘What have I done? This is really happening!'”

Do you know what song you are dancing to?

“I do know but I really can’t tell you! I also know a bit about what the routine is going to feature, and I’ve put in some suggestions as well.But that’s probably as much as I can say. Oh, but I won’t be cross-dressing! I think I can say that…”

What will be your main worry?

“It’s only a short routine, but my main problem is that I don’t really have a brain for remembering anything. People will say: ‘If you go that way, you will take out part of the set’ or something, but sometimes I just lose myself in the moment. But I do hope that in only two minutes I can keep it all together…”

But you do love dancing, don’t you?

“At a party, I’m first on the dance floor. However, I would describe my dancing style as freestyle, bordering on free range.”

So, you are hoping it will be alright on the night?

“My pals Claire Nasir, Richard Arnold and Kate Garraway all did it last year, and they’ve all told me that they really enjoyed it! I will always love dancing. But whether it’s actually something that people want to watch me doing is another matter entirely!”

Let’s Dance for Comic Relief continues on Saturday at 7pm on BBC1