Former Not Going Out star Tim Vine is stepping out for Comic Relief’s dance extravaganza…

You’re dancing in this Saturday’s first live heat for Let’s Dance for Comic Relief. Are you wondering what you’ve let yourself in for?
“Absolutely! I didn’t even know what a choreographer was until I met mine. I worked for two hours on 15 seconds of the routine and thought: ‘What have I let myself in for!’ I’m just hoping my knees will hold out.”

You appeared on Comic Relief Does Fame Academy in 2007. Would you say your dancing is better than your singing?
“No, definitely not! I’d much rather sing, at least with singing you’ve only got the next line of the song to remember. With dancing there’s always four things: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. Remembering the steps is going to be hard.”

What hints can you give us about the routine you’ll be doing?
“Initially, I was going to do an Elvis routine because that’s my comfort zone but what I’m doing now is not what you’d expect. It’s kind of a street dance.”

What about your costume?
“Well, someone lent me a hat and I’m trying to wear in some trainers. One thing’s for sure, I’m not dressing as a woman!”

Former boxing champ Ricky Hatton is in your heat. Would you challenge him to a duel on the dancefloor?
“Well, Ricky Hatton will certainly have some fancy footwork. He must spend hours and hours of his life skipping, so he’s probably quite nimble.”

Are you very competitive?
“I want to do the best I can but I’m not a dancer. I reckon Kim Woodburn will be the dark horse of the competition. Once she does a backflip that’s it. Game over!”

Will any of your celebrity friends be supporting you?
“Well, Lee Mack is a mate of mine and he will be one of the judges at some point. It will be very interesting if he’s judging my heat. I’ll certainly be giving him a look if he even tries to vote me off!”

Do you think you have what it takes to follow last year’s winner, Roland Rivron, and be crowned Let’s Dance champion?
“I’m pretty sure I’m not going to win and, as a comedian, if I look like an idiot it doesn’t matter. I just really want to frighten my parents!”

Would you ever do a show like Dancing on Ice?
“I’ve always said no to things like Dancing on Ice. Look, I’m 6′ 2”, if I fall over things are going to break. If they came up with a show called Dancing on Cushions, I might consider it.”

Finally, do you know any good gags about dancing?
“I’m actually on anti-barn dance pills. I’m not allowed to exceed the stated dosy-dosage!”

Let’s Dance for Comic Relief returns on Saturday February 16 at 6.50pm on BBC1.