You’re fired! Celebrity Apprentice Carr gets boot

Comedian Alan Carr was given his marching orders on Comic Relief Does The Apprentice after the girls’ team were voted winners.

The funnyman was sent packing in a boardroom showdown during the Comic Relief telethon on Friday night.

In Thursday night’s edition of the show the girls’ team, which included EastEnders star Patsy Palmer, comedienne Ruby Wax, GMTV’s Fiona Phillips and TV presenter Carol Vorderman, won a task in which they had to design and market a childrens’ toy.

However the boys’ team – whose members included Jonathan Ross,Gok Wan and jewellery tycoon Gerald Ratner – had to face Sir Alan in the boardroom after their failure.

And he told Carr, as he dismissed him, that he was “doing him a favour”.

“I don’t like you mixing with this lot, they’re deluded,” he said.

“There’s something wrong with them. I’m doing it for your own benefit to make sure that I’m sending you out that door. Start a new life. Do you understand what I mean?”

Carr admitted afterwards he had had trouble keeping up with some of the egos on the boys’ team.

“It was all about Jonathan and Gok,” he said. “I just ran round after them with a binliner, picking up things.”

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