Aidan Connor spots Caz alive in Coronation Street!

Aidan Connor sees Caz alive, but will he be able to catch her and thus get Maria off her murder charge in Corrie?

With Maria Connor locked up facing a murder charge after the mysterious disappearance of Caz Hammond, Aidan Connor is desperate to prove her innocence in Corrie.

It’s clear to Aidan that unhinged Caz set up Maria by deliberately going missing after leaving traces of her own blood in the hairdresser’s flat and on a pair of her styling scissors.

Aidan tried to dispose of the scissors to save Maria, but his dad, Johnny, and Jenny Bradley discovered them in the Underworld bin and handed them over to the police.

Maria was subsequently arrested and charged with Caz’s murder. The only thing they don’t have to make the charge stick is Caz’s body, and Aidan is about to make a breakthrough that could prove Caz is still alive…