Aidan’s home truth humiliates Eva in Corrie

Jenny and Johnny wreck Eva's cosy fantasy of setting up home with Aidan Connor in Corrie

Eva Price is serious about boyfriend Aidan Connor, so she thinks it’s a good idea when her Underworld pal, Sinead Tinker, suggests they rent Carla Connor’s empty flat so they can move in together. What Eva doesn’t know, however, is that Jenny Bradley would like her boyfriend, Aidan’s dad Johnny Connor, to rent the flat so they have their own little love nest.

Johnny tells Aidan he’s going for the flat, and Aidan decides to surprise Eva with a mini-break to make things up to her. Unfortunately, Kirk Sutherland takes a message from the estate agent and wrongly assumes the keys to Carla’s flat are meant for Aidan. So when Kirk passes the message on to Eva, she’s delighted.

Johnny later invites Aidan to his flat-warming party and Aidan tells Eva to meet him at Carla’s place with an overnight bag. How will Eva react when she discovers they’ve been talking at crossed purposes and she won’t be moving in with her lover after all?