Anna Windass faces Pat Phelan in court

Having been framed by Phelan, Anna stands accused of attempting to murder window cleaner Seb, but as she goes on trial, will she be able to prove her innocence or will the evil builder's lies remain concealed?

For last few months, poor Anna Windass has been stuck in prison while waiting to go on trial for attempting to murder Seb Franklin, by pushing the apprentice window cleaner from his ladder. The only thing is, she didn’t do it! She’s been totally stitched-up by her enemy Pat Phelan.

So, as her trial approaches, Anna’s only hope is the young lad himself, but having realised what is former boss is capable off, the terrified teen has done a runner. Can Anna’s son Gary track down Seb and convince him to tell the truth? Or is the accused destined to go down for a crime she didn’t commit?