Bethany loses it BIG time in Corrie!

Abused Bethany is lashing out in Corrie... but at her family! Get the full, grim story

Bethany’s life has reached the murky, seedy depths that only nasty Nathan could lower her to in Corrie. But Nathan’s been grooming vulnerable Bethany for weeks now, even proposing marriage to her, to keep her well and truly in his clutches!

He popped the question after coercing her into sleeping with older man Neil and, with the confused teen bewildered and upset, she agreed!

But as Nathan plans another ‘party’, where Bethany is ‘on offer’ to the invited men, will the schoolgirl go through with her fiance’s wishes and what, exactly, puts her in a rage and makes her lash out?

Is life about to get even more harrowing and abusive for Bethany or will her mum, Sarah, come to the rescue?