22 times Carla could not believe that she was still in Corrie : TV Times’ 7 Links of the Week (25 – 31 Mar)

Here’s 22 Times Carla Connor Could Not Believe That She Was Still in Corrie, and TV Times‘ six other favourite things from the web this week (24 – 31 March 2016) featuring Doctor Who, a poorly Chris Evans, Robbie Williams and so much more…

Which link is YOUR favourite? Let us know below in our comments section – official TV Times mugs for the three posts we like best.

1 Everything we know so far about the next series of Doctor Who

It’s not due our screens until 2017 but Cultbox has helpfully collected the clues already available…

2 Chris Evans is poorly in new Top Gear ad


Must be exciting…

3 How YOU doing? 23 Friends phrases we use every day

According to Digital Spy – just click the cast…….

4 16 of the best Absolutely Fabulous quotes – ever!

The movie’s on its way, he’s a few reminders of why we love it from lifedeathprizes.com – just click the picture…

5 22 Times Carla Connor Could Not Believe That She Was Still in Corrie

Click the picture for a hilarious review of Carla’s life and most trying times

6 Robbie Williams’ unique Ronnie Corbett tribute

Click the picture to see Robbie’s original tweet

7 And finally… just click the picture for…

///NEW VIDEO/// NEXT WEEK YOU MUST SEE…(40 secs) Keeley Hawes hits Greece, Adrian Lester plays a lying husband and why is Anna Friel in a bath covered in blood? Will you be watching one, two, all three – or none at all?


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