Coronation St’s Catherine Tyldsley has revealed that Eva is left in shock when she finds out that she's pregnant - as either Aidan or Adam could be the dad.

Coronation St’s Catherine Tyldsley has spoken to Soaplife about Eva’s shock discovery when she realises that she’s having a baby – for real this time.

What’s the story?

Eva Price never did have a bun in the oven when she was reaping revenge on Aidan Connor. But it seems she has now!

“Eva’s not feeling well, but she thinks she’s just tired and coming down with something,” actress Catherine Tyldesley tells Soaplife. “It hasn’t crossed her mind she might be pregnant, then Shona plants the seed in her mind that maybe she’s having a baby!”

So, who’s the daddy – Adam or Aidan?

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Soaplife’s interview with Catherine Tyldesley

Soaplife: How does Eva react when Shona suggests she might be pregnant?

Catherine Tyldesley: “She starts to panic a bit, but she doesn’t seriously think she can be. She does a test, though, and she’s massively shocked when it reads positive. There’s also a sense of huge irony. A year ago, she’d have given anything to be in this position – settling down with Aidan and having babies. But now this is just the worst thing that could have happened.”

S: What does Eva do next?

CT: “She goes to the doctors and, having discussed things, she realises the only way forward for her is to have a termination. It’s a really hard decision – all Eva’s ever wanted is to meet prince charming, settle down and have a family. But she feels completely stuck with no way out.”

S: Does Eva even know if the baby is Aidan or Adam’s?

CT: “After she’s spoken to the doctor, she knows who the daddy is but she’s not sure she’s ready to talk to them yet. It’s all such a mess. Eva being Eva, and not thinking about the consequences, decides there’s nothing she can do other than to have an abortion – without telling the father.”

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S: So, who is the father?

CT: “That would be telling! Eva’s so confused. Getting pregnant now is such bad timing and that’s why she feels a termination is her only way out.”

S: Does Shona Ramsey become her confidante?

CT: “Yes. They haven’t been especially friendly in the past, but things have changed now Shona’s stumbled across Eva’s secret. Having had a child herself, Shona can see how vulnerable Eva is. Shona’s really good to Eva- she’s got a kind heart and tries to support her.”

S: Doesn’t Eva feel she can confide in Leanne or Toyah Battersby?

CT: “She wants to but it’s really difficult. Ordinarily, she’d tell Leanne everything. But Leanne was quite judgemental of her at the wedding and Eva’s a bit scared of her sister saying, ‘ I told you so. This is karma.’ There’s no way she feels she can talk to Toyah about it – but not because they’re like chalk and cheese. They do care about each other, but how can she tell Toyah she’s terminating her pregnancy when Toyah’s going through so much to start a family?”

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