Aidan Connor lays into his dad Johnny and starts a feud with Todd Grimshaw when his dad has other plans for the factory insurance payout, Corrie’s Shayne Ward reveals to Soaplife

Aidan Connor has lost everything. But he thought he could count on his father, Johnny, to be onside with regards to the factory. Turns out he’s wrong, as Coronation Street star Shayne Ward tells Soaplife

What’s the story?

“When Aidan hears the insurance money has come through after the factory robbery, he goes to Johnny feeling very excited about getting the factory up and running again,” Shayne Ward told Soaplife. “But Johnny reveals he and Jenny are planning to use the money for a new life in Spain!” Feeling totally let down, Aidan lashes out… and not just at his family.

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Shayne Ward reveals all to Soaplife about what’s next for Aidan Connor…

Soaplife: Does Aidan have a proper go at his dad?

Shayne Ward: “There’s a confrontation, yes. It’s with Johnny and it’s also with Jenny. Aidan thinks she’s behind the move to Spain because he’s always seen her as a gold digger. And he sees it as being yet another knock for him.”

S: He’s also at loggerheads with Adam Barlow and his ex, Eva Price, isn’t he?

SW: “Aidan hates Adam and he’s beginning to hate Eva, too. But, right now, he’s also got it in for Todd Grimshaw.”

S: What’s Todd done?

SW: “Todd works with Adam, so Aidan reckons Todd must have known about what Adam did to the factory and he wants to expose their dodgy dealings. Consequently, a feud begins between them.”

S: That’s not a wise move…

SW: “Todd certainly isn’t a character to be messed with. Aidan attempts to get his life back on track by trying to get investment for the factory. But Todd gets wind of this and he uses the fact that Aidan’s been sleeping rough in the factory to jeopardise any chances of a loan. This ramps up the feud even more…”

S: Do you feel sorry for Aidan?

SW: “Now he has my sympathy because he’s getting blamed for the destruction of the factory, which wasn’t down to him. That was all Adam and Eva.”

S: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

SW: “It’s up to him. It’s in Aidan to want to better himself and prove to his dad that he can be a successful businessman. But it’s also in him to fly off the handle and, when Todd takes their feud to the next level, I don’t know what Aidan will do.”

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