‘Aidan’s secret puts him in a horrible place with Carla,’ reveals Coronation Street’s Shayne Ward

With his first episodes aired (on August 21), Coronation Street newcomer Shayne Ward has been talking about his role as Aidan Connor – and revealing some of the drama to come.

“The fact that my first episode has just aired is mental,” Shayne said, in an interview right after we first see him as Aidan. “It doesn’t feel real at all.”

But it is. Aidan has been secretly summoned by Michelle (Kym Marsh) and Nick (Ben Price) to keep Carla in Weatherfield – and keep her factory going.

“Carla is in trouble with her factory and I’ve come in to it as a little bit of a saviour, in a sense,” Shayne confirms. “Family have got to stick together and Aidan doesn’t want Carla [Alison King] losing the factory.”

But Carla isn’t going to be falling over herself with gratitude and there’s some hard bargaining coming up before they settle on a deal.

Aidan does get a desk at Underworld in the end…and a home on the Street.

“I’ll be living in The Rovers, with Michelle and Steve,” Shayne reveals. “I’m just buzzing with that, to be honest. I think Simon [Gregson, who plays Steve] is fantastic. He has me in hysterics.”

It’s Michelle who offers Aidan a roof over his head, rather than him staying in a hotel. Carla looks uncomfortable about it, but says nothing.

She says nothing, too, when Aidan has a run-in with Robert (Tristan Gemmill)…

“He has a few run-ins with Robert,” Shayne says. “Robert’s with Tracy [Kate Ford] and I’m on Carla’s side. You have to stick up for family,” Shayne says.

But maybe Robert’s not quite as soft as he seems…

There’s certainly more to Aidan than we’ve seen so far.

“Like all good soap characters Aidan does have a secret,” Shayne reveals. “It could affect a lot of things. Aidan’s put in a horrible place not just with Carla but with his immediate family, too.

“Expect a lot more drama.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV, Monday, August 24, 7.30pm.