Carla and Liam are cheating again… and it’s only a matter of time until Tony finds out and takes drastic action, says Coronation Street’s Alison King

Why on Earth has Carla got back into business with Liam for?

“It’s not a business deal for her. It’s a way in… to Liam’s life. He’s still under her skin and she’s hoping there will come another time when he can’t control himself.”

There’s no hope about it, but to start with Liam is playing hard to get…

“He’s furious when he hears about the deal as he knows Carla’s game. He turns up at the flat to have it out with her and she tells him he doesn’t want the business deal because he’s scared he can’t keep his hands off her. She loves winding him up. He never knows whether to kiss her or slap her.”

He did neither, but it’s pretty clear he wanted to, wasn’t it?

“Carla knows she’s onto a winner. Liam’s not running as fast as he could which tells her he’s still interested in her whatever he says. Once they’ve got that secret together Carla’s got Liam exactly where she wants him.”

What about Tony and their marriage plans?

“Carla really believes she’s going to marry Tony. She’s just having a bit of fun with Liam and wants to get under his skin. Even so she’s not in love with Tony. She was with Paul and she could be with Liam…”

We know Tony’s got a dark side – does Carla have any idea of the risk she’s taking?

“She hasn’t really seen that side of Tony. His ex warned her, but she doesn’t believe it. She has no idea how dangerous he could be. I don’t know how it’ll all play out, but it’s great to be juicing it up again.”

She wants to be careful not to juice it up too much or Tony might not stop at

the one murder!