Alison King: ‘My last scene on Corrie was on my own and silent – it felt quite weird’ (VIDEO)

Alison King is about to exit Coronation Street for ever, but will she leave as Ms Connor or Mrs Tilsley?

Alison gave a clue to What’s on TV when she explained that her last scene on Corrie following next week’s planned wedding to Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) is solo.

Alison said: “I was on my own and I had no words, so it was quite weird… The big kind of stuff was the week before, actually doing last scenes with Ben [Price], Kym [Marsh] and Kate [Ford] were quite emotional. But the last actual scene was non-speaking and I was on my own in my flat. But everyone came on set and said goodbye and that quite emotional.”

She wasn’t giving anything away about what happens during the wedding, but she was regretful that Nick’s mum Gail had finally warmed to her after being so frosty towards Nick’s intended.

“It’s so sad because she was just starting to like me,” she said. “It’s been my favourite part [of the end] actually, working with the Platts, because I’ve never done that before, so with these guys it’s not work, it’s amazing. It’s like going to a secret chocolate room or something, “I’m in the Platts!” and it’s just funny. They’ve known each other for ages, so it’s been a bit of an honour.”

In Corrie tradition, Alison had a leaving party to remember (or maybe not!): “It was great, I had a really good dance. I can’t remember some of it, but that was always going to happen!’

Watch the interview with Alison King and Ben Price, above.

Alison’s final scenes screen on Corrie from Monday, May 23. All episodes will be broadcast at 9pm


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