Coronation Street’s Alison King reveals Carla’s terrified Tony will tell that she knew he was a killer…

Carla comes back after Tony turns himself in… Is she worried he’s revealed she knew he had Liam killed?

“That’s what she’s come back to find out. She’s terrified but she has to know. She gets a call from the police saying Tony’s been arrested, but she doesn’t know what he’s said.”

What makes her head straight to Maria’s?

“Carla still thinks she killed Jimmy so she needs to find out how much Maria knows. She wants to find out if anyone knew she was back at the time of little Liam’s christening so she can get her story straight.”

How does Maria react when she sees her?

“She’s shocked, but relieved, because here is one person who knows how devious Tony can be. Maria talks Carla through everything.”

And Carla pretends she knew nothing? How does she explain why she left Tony?

“She’s still thinking about covering her own back over Liam’s murder but she’s up front about her feelings for him. She tells Maria she left because she was still in love with Liam and could no longer live a lie. Maria believes her.”

Does Carla care about Maria?

“She never liked her, but she wouldn’t wish Tony on anyone and really did want to stop him becoming Maria’s husband and baby Liam’s dad.”

Leanne is suspicious though and asks Carla straight if she knew what Tony had done…

“Carla lies to Leanne too. She knows she won’t have many friends if the whole truth comes out that she knew what Tony had done and kept quiet.”

What happens when the police question her?

“She denies all knowledge of Tony’s crime and lies that she hasn’t seen him since January.”

We’ve been waiting for this moment for over a year. Is Tony’s confession the end?

“I didn’t believe it could go on any longer and get any better, but it does. It ends up more twisted than ever!”

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