Coronation Street‘s spirited factory owner is hitting the bottle big time, but is she about to hit on Peter Barlow, too?!

When Nick and Trev bow out of the factory, Carla hits rock bottom and the bottle, but Peter is there with a shoulder to cry on. Could this be the start of something? That’s one of the things Soaplife asked actress Alison King who plays Carla…

How does Carla react when Nick says he wants to sell his share of the factory?
“She’s shocked. And unsettled. Nick wants money for his share and she doesn’t have any. She only has assets.”

With no investors, we wonder how Carla raises the money to buy out Nick…
“She remortgages; she’s got no choice.”

What about Trev?
“Carla says to him: ‘Things are not working out’ and he asks if she means the job or their relationship. She means both.”

Why isn’t it working with Trev?
“He says to her: ‘I’m not Liam’ and she realises that’s what she’s trying to do; she’s trying to replace Liam. When Trev goes, Carla starts this late grieving process for Liam. That’s what makes her start drinking even more.”

Has Carla got a drink problem?
“She’s one of those people who always has a bottle of whisky in her desk, but it gets to the point where she’s drinking every day and every night. It’s out of control and she knows it.”

From what we hear, Peter then sees Carla getting into her car drunk…
“Yes… She’s been called to see her accountant and she’s been drinking. It’s an urgent matter, so she has to go. When Peter realises what she’s about to do, he sends her home.”

Does she end up confiding in him?
“She does the next day. She’s drunk and gets into a state when she cuts herself on a broken bottle. She rings Peter and he comes round. She ends up telling him that she’s like this because of Liam. He tells her about his experience with booze.”

Is there a spark there?
“Yes, but Peter’s with Leanne and Carla’s really cut up about Liam. It’s just two people opening up to one another.”

Sounds like there’s potential for a romance. What do you think?
“I think there is. Carla’s at her most vulnerable at the moment.”

Would she worry about hurting Leanne?
“Absolutely. In fact, she has a go at Peter about the way he’s treated Leanne.”

So, what it would it take for Carla to make a move on Peter…
“If she got a hint that Leanne wasn’t committed to Peter she might.”

Would Carla and Peter make a good couple?
“Yes, they have a good banter between them and they’ve got this shared experience with drink. I’m certainly enjoying working with Chris Gascoyne [who plays Peter].”