Andy reveals Kirk’s one true love!

Coronation Street Andy Whyment reckons there’s only one woman Kirk really, really wants… and it’s not Izzy!

Why did Kirk feel the need to use Jason’s photo instead of his own on the dating site?

“Girls are interested in chatting to him, but when they see his picture they go quiet. He didn’t want that to happen with Izzy. He thought once he’d charmed her with a bit of chat he could reveal his true self and she’d be hooked by then.”

And is it working out that way?

“They’ve had a few dates and Izzy loves his sense of humour, but she’s told him she’d just like to be friends.”

How does Kirk feel about that?

“A bit disappointed. He’d love to have a relationship with Izzy. She’s feisty like Fiz and Julie. She also takes control which is no bad thing in Kirk’s case. It’s down to her he gets a job at Underworld.”

What job? We can’t see Kirk as a knicker maker!

“He hasn’t worked since he was laid off from the butcher’s so he’ll try anything. Fiz gives him some training on a machine, but he’s not cut out to be a machinist. Then he messes up the interview with Carla. Izzy doesn’t think he’s been given a fair chance and confronts Carla and they both end up with jobs. Izzy’s offered the machinist’s job and Kirk is given a temp job as a packer.”

Is Kirk looking for long-term love or a bit of fun?

“He’d like somebody to settle down with. He was really happy when he thought Julie was pregnant. He’s in his late twenties so he feels ready for the right woman and a family.”

Might Izzy change her mind?

“I don’t know. I could see them together as they get on really well. But I’ve got a feeling Izzy fancies Gary and might end up dating him.”

Do you think Izzy could be Kirk’s dream woman?

“No, that would be Fiz. Whenever I get stopped in the street people ask when Fiz and Kirk are getting back together… And with the way John’s carrying on, who knows?”

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