Next week Anna attacks Phelan again and Kevin demands to know what’s going on. Will she finally tell him the whole truth?

Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush reveals all to Soaplife…

Anna Windass thinks she’ll finally be able to put the past behind her and make a real go of things with Kevin when she hears Pat Phelan is leaving the Street. But it’s all a bit premature. She discovers Phelan’s now working for Jason Grimshaw [Ryan Thomas], who’s landed a big new contract.

“When Anna realises Phelan will be sticking around, she loses it completely and starts smashing up his van with a crowbar,” said Debbie. “She then launches herself at him!” And that’s when Kevin arrives…

What does Kevin think when he sees Anna attacking Phelan?

“He thinks she’s in the wrong, which is exactly what Phelan [Connor McIntyre] wanted. He’s wanted to taunt her to breaking point in the hope people will think she’s the bad guy in all this.”

Doesn’t Kevin think there may be more to it?

“Kevin [Michael Le Vell] doesn’t know what’s brought Anna to this point, but he really doesn’t need this. It’s not what he signed up for when he started seeing Anna, especially after everything that happened with Jenny Bradley [Sally Ann Matthews].”

How does Anna feel afterwards?

“So, so sad that this has ruined another relationship. Anna likes Kevin and she thought they had something good going on together. All she wanted was a happy and simple relationship. She also feels ashamed of herself.”

Why does she feel ashamed?

“Because she’s allowed Phelan to get to her and push her over the edge, plus it’s awful Gary [Mikey North] and Izzy [Cherylee Houston] happened to see it all, too. Anna’s always told Gary that violence isn’t the way to resolve issues. Rumours then spread around the Street about what she’s done and about the destruction she’s caused to the van so she’s humiliated, too.”

Will she tell Kevin the truth now?

“I think something will always get in the way. She’s desperate to tell Kevin the truth, but the bottom line is she feels too ashamed. When she told Owen about Phelan their relationship was completely destroyed. Anna worries Kevin will see her in a different light if he knows.”

What if Kevin were to actually see Phelan taunting Anna?

“That would be different, I suppose. If these were the circumstances, the truth would have to come out. Kevin would have seen it for himself rather than it just being her word against Phelan’s.”

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