‘Anna’s heart is breaking but she knows she has to let Miley go,’ says Corrie’s Debbie Rush

Anna’s horrified when Miley’s christening is ruined and Tim suggests they give the baby up to Jackson’s parents, Corrie’s Debbie Rush reveals to Soaplife.

Anna’s tried everything but Faye’s no closer to bonding with daughter Miley than she was on the day of the birth. This terrible truth finally begins to hit home when Faye does a runner from the church during Miley’s christening service.

“Tim gives a very emotional reading, but it’s too much for Faye and she runs out. Tim runs after her and she breaks down, admitting she doesn’t want to be a mum. He then calls off the christening and Anna’s stunned,” Debbie says. But not as stunned as she is when she hears Tim’s proposal for baby Miley’s future…

So what does Tim suggest?
“He speaks to Josie [Una McNulty] and Greig [Stuart Wolfenden] Hodge, Jackson’s parents, about Miley going to live with them! Anna’s mortified when she hears. It’s as if Tim, Josie and Greig are implying she’s not doing a good job with Miley, even though Miley is Faye’s baby. But, deep down, Anna knows it’s not going well.”

So, Anna has become attached to Miley?
“Naturally, especially as she’s had to support Faye [Ellie Leach] a lot. But to have a small baby in the flat – in addition to holding down her job – is pushing her to the edge.”

Does she start thinking that maybe Miley should go to Josie and Grieg’s?
Anna knows how much Tim [Joe Duttine] loves Miley and yet it’s Tim’s suggestion. He knows it would be best for Faye. Anna has her reservations but realises it might not be a bad idea and she must put her own feelings aside. Anna also overhears Jackson [Rhys Cadman] telling Tim he wants to be a part of Miley’s life, which really touches her. She knows what she has to do.”

How does Faye feel about it?
“Faye’s sad, but she knows it’s the best thing for Miley. Faye still has so much growing up to do herself.”

So she gives Miley to the Hodges?
“Izzy [Cherylee Houston] tries to make Faye change her mind, telling her she might regret handing Miley over. But Faye’s quite strong. It’s Tim who’s really in bits. He starts to doubt the decision and it’s Anna who has to reassure him…”

Coronation Street, ITV