Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush reveals to Soaplife that Anna’s jealous of Owen’s ex Linda – and worried sick about daughter Faye. But she has no idea she’s pregnant!

Does Anna feel threatened by Linda?

“Yes. She’s Owen’s ex-wife and extremely glamorous and successful. Linda [Jacqueline Leonard] has a shared history with Owen [Ian Puleston-Davies] and he was so in love with her when they were married, he refused to let her see their girls because he felt her betrayal so deeply. Anna’s worried he still loves Linda – and certainly more than he loves her right now as all they seem to do is argue. There are a couple of occasions where Owen defends Linda and tells Anna that Linda’s not a bad woman. He then invites Linda up to the flat to look at old photos with him and Katy. Anna really does worry that Linda being around has reminded him of how much he loved her.”

 Does Anna say anything?

“Not really. She makes an effort to get dressed up and go for drinks with Owen, but there just appears to be so many obstacles and distractions in the way.” 

 What about Faye? 

“With everything else going on, Anna has got 101 things to contend with, but she is aware something’s not right with Faye [Ellie Leach]. Anna thinks it’s teenage problems or issues at school. A pregnancy is the last thing she suspects – Faye is her little girl. It will be a huge shock when she finds out and she’ll blame herself to a certain extent because she’s been so caught up with Linda and Owen, and also the situation with Gary [Mikey North] and Roy [David Neilson].”

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