Another boyfriend’s in peril: Is Maria jinxed?

Coronation Street’s Maria isn’t just unlucky in love… so are the men who dare to love her, says actress Samia Smith.

Poor Maria – just as things are looking great for her, everything goes pear-shaped doesn’t it>

“After all the disastrous relationships she’s had, you’d think she’d finally strike lucky. She’s such a nice girl and she really deserves a decent fella and thinks she’s finally found him. But instead she could be about to lose everything.”

Liam still has feelings for Carla, but he seems to really care about Maria, too…

“She’s really happy with Liam. She loves him and is sure that she’s finally found the one. They’re going to have a family and she believes there’s a happy future waiting for her.”

But disaster strikes when Liam chases after pooch Ozzy, who runs off. What happens?

“It’s a heart-stopping moment. She’s holding on for all she’s worth but can feel his hand slipping through hers. Their eyes meet then he’s gone…”

As Liam lies lifeless on an outcrop halfway down the gorge, Maria’s desperate. Has he survived the deadly plunge?

“She doesn’t want to leave him, but there’s no way she can reach him. His only hope is for her to get help. She’s beside herself as she makes a dash back to their hotel. It’s a dark and treacherous journey and seems to take a lifetime. But she makes it.”

What can you tell us about the cliff-top rescue?

“The scenes are absolutely spectacular. We spent days in ??? filming the episodes and the RAF helicopter crew and rescuers really are amazing.”

Amazing enough to save Liam’s life?

“With Maria and her love jinx it could go either way. I mean, look what happened to poor Charlie Stubbs last New Year…”

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