Coronation Street‘s Antony Cotton reveals Sean will use any trick in the book to find his little boy…

When did Sean last see his son?
“Not since Violet took off in the night with Dylan and her lover Jamie Baldwin.
Dylan would be two now and walking and talking.”

Why does Sean suddenly want to see him after all this time?
“There’s a lot of baby talk what with Becky and Steve adopting and Molly pregnant. He realises how much he misses Dylan and he’s sad not having a relationship with him.”

Why hasn’t he tried to find him before?
“It’s not for want of trying, but Sean has no idea where they are and Violet has kept him at arm’s length. She’s written to let Sean know about Dylan, but she hasn’t given him a way of contacting her.”

So he hasn’t forgotten Dylan?
“Never. Whenever somebody talks about a baby and Sean is in shot I try to play it that he feels a little sad.”

How is he going to find Violet?
“By using devious means. That’s all I can say at the moment…”

Sean is Dylan’s biological dad. Does he feel Violet has treated him badly?
“He does and he‘s hurt. They used to be such good friends.”

How will Violet react when Sean tracks her down?
“Sean hasn’t thought that far ahead. He wants the instant gratification of seeing Dylan. Violet won’t be happy. The reason she ran off in the first place is because Sean kept interfering.”

Will he play by her rules or will he fight to see Dylan?
“He’s not antagonistic and it would be better for all those involved if he didn’t approach this aggressively. He might be a bit underhand if he has to be, but he would stop short of breaking the law.”

How big a part does he want to play in Dylan’s life?
“He wants to be a father to him. I don’t know if that means the occasional weekend visit or something more.”

Would he be a good dad?
“I think so. He always sees life’s sunny side.”

How do you feel about this storyline?
“It’s brilliant. A viewer wrote in and said they were going to complain because they didn’t see enough of me on Corrie. I said, ‘Go on then!’ Maybe it worked. It will be a lot of fun, but poignant too.”