Coronation Street‘s Antony Cotton reveals to Soaplife how Liz makes Sean’s dream come true…

Sean breaks down when his desperation to find his son costs him his job. “I actually cried hysterically for real when Liz sacks Sean. We did it in one take,” Antony explains while he’s on location filming Roy and Hayley’s wedding. But Sean’s tears do the trick and get Liz onside…

Does Sean feel guilty pretending to be Liz on Facescene to trap Violet?
“Violet’s been very underhand herself and it’s the only way Sean could think of to get in contact with her.”

How did Sean feel when he first saw pictures of Dylan online?
“It was overwhelming for him and, strangely, I took on the gravity of it and it really moved me. He’s not seen the little chap for two years. It’s his flesh and blood and that’s two years he’ll never get back. So on one hand he’s elated, but on the other he feels a sense of loss.”

But Sean’s deceit has consequences…
“Liz starts getting attention from all these truckers who turn up at the pub. Michelle tells Sean to delete the page, but his only concern is being a dad to his son.”

We’ve heard it all goes wrong… What happens?
“He makes a stupid comment on the web page and Violet guesses it’s been Sean playing silly beggars all along. She gets straight on the phone to Liz.”

How does Liz react?
“She’s furious and sacks Sean. He’s devastated. He loves his job. Sean breaks down and explains all he wanted to do was see his son.”

From what we’ve heard, though, Liz has a change of heart. Is that right?
“She softens and realises Sean wasn’t out to humiliate her. She totally supports him and has a word with Violet on his behalf. And it works because Violet invites Sean to London to see Dylan.”

Result! Sean must be overjoyed?
“He’s beside himself. He’s never met his child. It’s going to be one of the most important moments in his life.”

Is he hoping to see a lot of Dylan?
“Yes. He wants to be a proper dad to him now and this storyline will take off when the boy comes to the Street.”

What sort of a dad do you think Sean will be?
“He’ll be a good dad – but a different one to Violet’s partner Jamie. Jamie’s the sort of dad who’ll take him to football matches, but Sean will probably take him to shows. Dylan will get the best of both worlds.”