Ashes star Marshall returning to Coronation St

Coronation Street fans will be pleased to hear that two familiar faces are returning to the ITV1 soap.

Marshall Lancaster, who plays Chris Skelton in the BBC drama Ashes to Ashes returns as Becky’s old flame Slug, while John Thomson reprises his role as children’s entertainer Jesse Chadwick.

Marshall was last seen on the Coronation Street cobbles in February 2007.

Steve may well have some competition for Becky’s affections, as back then Slug was a scruffy tearaway but he will return as a smartly dressed achiever.

Slug tells Becky he’s got a job, a flat and even calls himself by his real name, Neil.

John made three appearances in the show last year before leaving in December 2008.

Jesse talked Eileen (Sue Cleaver) into playing Hiawatha in his act, and it seems she took a shine to the down-on-his-luck performer.

On Friday, Eileen drags Amy (Amber Chadwick) to see General Custard (John) at the Community Centre.

It remains to be seen whether there’s a romance on the cards for Eileen, who could do with a bit of happiness after her dad’s death.

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